A free GUI application for HandBrake and FFmpeg/FFprobe on Windows, macOS and Linux with an emphasis on multi Handbrake instance batch conversion (including recursive folder scans and folder watching). The destination folder structure is kept the same as the source folder structure. Media in subfolders is also converted. Multiple folders can be monitored and different conversion presets can be specified for each folder. There is also a health check feature which can scan for corrupt video files using Handbrakes's '--scan' feature, although this is not always accurate. This is a standalone program on Windows but requires Handbrake to be installed on Linux and Mac.

Scan your files using both FFprobe and HandBrake to try and determine if any files are corrupt.

Set up batch conversion conversion with a range of settings such as:

-HandBrake or FFmpeg (use one of HandBrake's in built presets or write your own custom one)

-Specify the number of simultaneous HandBrake/FFmpeg processes (no limit)

-Specify output file container

-Enable periodic or daily scanning/converting

-File type filter

-Exclude files based on file size

-Exclude file names based on words in file title.

-Use FFprobe to skip/include files based on hundreds of file properties

-Automatically copy excluded files to the destination folder

-Automatically delete source files after conversion

-Replace original file only if converted file is smaller

-Replace original file in all circumstances

-Copy subtitle (srt) files to destination

-Run HandBrake/FFmpeg processes at low priority

Italian Trulli

This feature allows monitoring of batch conversion status using any web-browser. Useful when running servers etc.

A basic benchmarking utility built mainly to see how 16+ core processors perform using multiple HandBrake instances although it can be run on any type of processor.

This will download a h265 4k sample file (2.5MB) and run a benchmark using 4 HandBrake instances with preset "Very Fast 1080p30"

Results can be uploaded to hbbatchbeast.io if you choose.